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Judging Panel

Our judging panel has been selected for their range of styles, artistic approaches, diverse backgrounds, and geographic location. The panel represents some of the most experienced and respected figures in the landscape photography field today. Many of these photographers have made outstanding contributions throughout long careers while others are blazing new trails and creating excitement within the photographic community. Each year, the NLPA team strives to bring fresh talent to our judging panel so that the results reflect the transformations from year to year.

Viktoria Haack - Judge for the Natural Landscape Photography AwardsViktoria Haack

British Columbia, Canada

Viktoria is originally from the UK and a resident of BC, Canada since 2007. She is heavily influenced by the beautiful environment that surrounds her.

She has a background in fine art and anthropology. This combined with her love for the natural world, brings a unique perspective to her photography. Her ethos is to tread lightly; observe and document the subtle visual story within whichever photographic genre she is working.

Viktoria’s work covers the fields of landscape and nature, portrait, wedding, event, promotion, editorial, stock and photography education. The diversity of her work allows cross pollination of skills and experiences between these different photographic genres and allows her to stay creative and excited about the projects she undertakes. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for photography in an educational role – whether that is over a cup of coffee and a chat or on a multi-day back country workshop.

Viktoria’s Portfolio

Michael Frye - Judge for the Natural Landscape Photography AwardsMichael Frye

California, USA

Michael Frye is a professional photographer specializing in landscapes and nature. He lives near Yosemite National Park in California, but travels extensively to photograph natural landscapes in the American West and throughout the world.

Michael uses light, weather, and design to make photographs that capture the mood of the landscape, and convey the beauty, power, and mystery of nature. His work has received numerous awards, and appeared in publications around the world. He’s the author and/or principal photographer of several books, including Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters, and The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite.

Michael’s Portfolio

Lizzie Shepherd - Judge for NLPALizzie Shepherd

United Kingdom

Lizzie Shepherd is a professional photographer based in North Yorkshire, specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography. She runs group photography workshops, offers 1-2-1 tuition and also provide commercial photography services to a number of different clients. She lives in one of the most amazing parts of the country and loves nothing more than getting out into the Yorkshire countryside. The scenery is spectacular in the Dales, on the Moors and on the Yorkshire coast, as well as in some of the lesser known areas in between. She has been increasingly drawn to capturing the hidden landscape, the eauty and intrigue surrounding us but while showcasing some classic views, her photographs reveal a little bit of the less obvious, hidden scenes – things that people might otherwise just walk by. Similarly, her travel photography tends toward the more abstract and unusual interpretations of destinations.

Lizzie’s Portfolio

Matt Palmer - Judge for NLPAMatt Palmer


Matt Palmer is a specialist landscape photographer with extensive experience in multiple genres of photography. Matt first came to landscape photography after 15 years of documentary and reportage photography including 15 years in live music, and focuses on public infrastructure, hospitals, national league football, muay thai and humanitarian projects.

Passionate about story-telling through imagery, his series ASH on Tasmanian fire impacts helped him receive 2019 Australian
Professional Photographer of the Year and Landscape photography awards, as well as the inaugural NLPA Project category winner.

Matt’s Portfolio

Ben Horne - Judge for Natural Landscape Photography AwardsBen Horne

California, USA

Ben Horne is a professional large format landscape photographer from San Diego, California who works primarily with 8×10 color transparency film. In 2009, he began documenting his solo landscape photography adventures on YouTube, including his annual visits to Zion, Death Valley, and his backpacking trips to the canyons of southern Utah. His goal is to create simple, structured and calm images of nature while truly getting to know a location through return visits. Well versed in both digital and film, Ben enjoys working with large format film because of the inherent limitation, and the strong sense of discipline that’s required.

Ben’s Portfolio