Natural Landscape Photography Awards

The 2021 Winners have been announced! Click Here!

Celebrating the artistic achievements of landscape photographers who dedicate themselves to capturing the beauty of the landscape in a realistic manner.

Welcome to the first Natural Landscape Photography Awards, a competition created to find the very best landscape photography of the natural world. This is a competition for digital and film photographers who value realism in their images and edit with this in mind. As a result we have a few more rules (eek!) than other competitions but we hope the result will be a fantastic showcase of not only photographer’s talents, but also the true wonder of the landscape.

We have a range of categories to suit the huge variety of modern approaches to landscape photography from grand scenics, to intimate abstracts. There is a top prize of US $5000 and many other prizes for category winners and runners-up.

“Some photographers take reality… and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit. Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation.”

Ansel Adams      

Meet the Judges:

Our international judging panel is drawn up from some of the most respected professional photographers in the industry. They are each outstanding photographers in their own right, take a wide variety of approaches and bring a wealth of experience

Joe Cornish

William Neill

Sarah Marino

Adam Gibbs 

Alex Noriega

Alister Benn

Stefan Forster

Sandra Bartocha

  • Realistic Photography

  • Film and Digital

  • $11,000 prize money, a Canon EOS R5, Shimoda Designs Backpacks

  • Low entry fees

  • RAW file checks for finals

  • Organizers receive no money

A message from the organizers

Hello and welcome to this, the inaugural Natural Landscape Photography Awards, a competition designed to promote photographers looking to work within the constraints of the natural landscape, and traditional bounds of photography.

We know this isn’t a perfect proposition, after all there are no limits to art nor should there be, but we thought we would try to create a place for those photographers who prefer to work in a way that retains a strong link to the subject matter. In doing so, we’ve added quite a few rules that most competitions don’t have. The majority of these are related to excluding material changes to the subject of the photograph – e.g. excessive cloning and/or warping etc. If you’re interested in learning about how “real” photography is, and isn’t (!) we’ll be loading articles to this website which will discuss some of those nuanced subjects.

We’re not here to say “that isn’t photography” but simply to create an alternative to competitions that include work which allows significant editing of the landscape. We hope that this will result in a collection of awarded images that we love, and you will love too.

Alex, Tim, Matt and Rajesh