Celebrating the Beauty of the Landscape

2022 Results have been announced!


Welcome to the second Natural Landscape Photography Awards, a competition created to find the very best landscape photography of the natural world. This is a competition for digital and film photographers who value realism in their images and edit with this in mind. As a result we have a few more rules than other competitions but we hope the result will be a fantastic showcase of not only photographer’s talents, but also the true wonder of the landscape.

We have a range of categories to suit the huge variety of modern approaches to landscape photography from grand scenics, to intimate abstracts. There is a top prize of US $5000 and many other prizes for category winners and runners-up.

In our first year we had over 13,000 entries from around the world. This made our competition one of the biggest landscape photography competitions in the world in our very first year. The standard of winning images was exceptional and a fine-art book of the best images is now available. We are now in the judging process. Stay up to date by joining our mailing list!

“Some photographers take reality… and impose the domination of their own thought and spirit. Others come before reality more tenderly and a photograph to them is an instrument of love and revelation.”

Ansel Adams      

Meet the Judges:

Our diverse panel of judges for 2022 includes three returning judges (Sarah Marino, Alex Noriega, and Sandra Bartocha), and includes five new judges. Our goal for the judging panel is to represent all ranges of nature and landscape photography and as many geographic regions as possible. 

Paul Zizka

David Thompson

Sarah Marino

David Clapp

Alex Noriega

Orsolya Haarberg

Theo Bosboom

Sandra Bartocha

  • Realistic Photography

  • Film and Digital

  • $17,500 prize money

  • Low entry fees

  • RAW file checks for finals

Meet our Sponsors:

A message from the organizers

Hello and welcome to this, the second Natural Landscape Photography Awards, a competition designed to promote photographers looking to work within the constraints of the natural landscape, and traditional bounds of photography.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the support of the photographic community in our first year. Clearly the competition struck a chord with many photographers looking to have their work assessed on its photographic merits, craft and creative vision when out in the field. We expected a degree of backlash from those photographers who produce heavily edited or composited images… instead many of them entered with beautiful realistic images. This is what the competition is ultimately trying to do – provide a meaningful alternative to competitions that are totally open minded to image editing, while still being as inclusive and supportive as possible.

Thanks to all of you who entered and we hope to see your images again this year!

Alex, Tim, Matt and Rajesh