Categories and Prizes

This page outlines the various categories, awards and prizes available for 2022 – currently totalling $38,750:

$17,500 in cash, $12,000 in gear, and $850 in subscriptions to Nature Photographer’s Network.

Every winning photographer (17 in total) and 100+ stand-out photographers will also receive a free copy of our annual fine art book, totalling $8,400 in value.

Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year

The Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year is awarded to the photographer with the best collection of 6 images. In contrast to the Project Award below, these images do not need to relate to one another and might display a variety of content, techniques and approaches. You will automatically be considered for the award if you enter 6 or more images in any category except Project Award entries, which are excluded (but you may enter your Project images separately for consideration). The winner and runner up will be excluded from winning other prizes. Lastly, this coveted top prize may only be won once in a photographer’s lifetime.

First Place: Cash Prize of US $5,000, Canon EOS R5 Camera, a F-Stop Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond Backpack, first choice from our FLM Tripod Prize Pool, and a 1-year membership to NPN.

Runner-up: Cash Prize of US $1,000 Canon Pixma Pro 300 Printer, and a 1-year membership to NPN.

Natural Landscape Photograph of the Year

Awarded to the single best image entered into the competition, in any category. Winning this award precludes winning any of the category prizes.

First Place: Cash Prize of US $1,000, a Canon Pixma Pro 300 Printer, a F-Stop Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond Backpack, and a 1-year membership to NPN.

Project of the Year

A collection of 6-10 images that relate to one another in a way that is entirely up to the photographer. For example the images might show a particular geographic region, or show abstract textures, or tell a story, or illuminate a concept, or any combination! Accompanying the photographs will be the photographer’s explanation of the theme which will be read by the judges when considering the project.
Please note – This award is totally separate from the other categories and judged in isolation.

First Place: Cash Prize of US $2,000, Canon EOS RP Camera + 24-105 Lens, a F-Stop Tilopa 50L DuraDiamond Backpack, second choice from our FLM Tripod Prize Pool, and a 1-year membership to NPN. 

Runner-Up: Cash Prize of US $1,000 and a 1-year membership to NPN.

Project Example

We’ve included an example from last year’s competition – a wonderful entry from Theo Bosboom.

European Canyons by Theo Bosboom

My project aims to highlight the beauty, diversity, and importance of European canyons and gorges. Shaped by the powerful forces of water from many thousands or even millions of years, canyons are very interesting from a geological point of view. Because they are usually hard to negotiate and only partly accessible – in the right conditions – they are among the wildest places in Europe and often have a wonderful, untouched and diverse vegetation. Last but not least, canyons and gorges have always instilled fear in people and in many places they were thought to be inhabited by ghosts or the devil. You can still see this in the names of the canyons, bridges, tracks, or points within.

This seleection contains images taken in some of Europe’s most intesting canyons and gorges, in different seaons and conditions, including Sicily (Italy), Germany, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

Grand Scenic

Scenes showing the wider landscape. These images will generally be made at relatively wide angles, include the sky, immerse the viewer in the scene, offer perspective, and might include a foreground.

Grand Scenic Award:

Cash Prize of US $1,000, a F-Stop Ajna 37L DuraDiamond Backpack, one of five FLM Tripods from our prize pool , and a 1-year membership to NPN will be awarded for the winning Grand Scenic photograph.

See inspiration and examples for our categories.


Grand Scenic photograph from Nicolas Rottiers

Grand Scenic Photo by Nicolas Rottiers

Intimate Landscapes

These photographs can be created at any focal length but would generally show a smaller selection of a larger scene. This might be a vast waterfall with towering cliffs, or it might be a single tree in the mist, or the interior of a woodland.

Intimate Landscapes Award:

Cash Prize of US $1,000, a F-Stop Ajna 37L DuraDiamond Backpack,  one of five FLM Tripods from our prize pool, and a 1-year membership to NPN will be awarded for the winning Intimate Landscapes photograph.

See inspiration and examples for our categories.

Intimate Landscape Photograph

Intimate Landscape Photograph by Brent Clark

Abstracts or Details

This category brings together two distinct themes. An abstract is an image that relies on ambiguity of subject and/or scale and may be a non-representative interpretation of nature and the landscape. This can be a scene of any scale.

A detail is a subject(s) that is generally smaller than one meter/yard.

Abstracts or Details Award:

Cash Prize of US $1,000, a F-Stop Ajna 37L DuraDiamond Backpack, one of five FLM Tripods from our prize pool, and a 1-year membership to NPN will be awarded for the winning Abstracts or Details photograph.

See inspiration and examples for our categories.

Abstracts - Details Photograph

Abstract or Detail by Steve Alterman

Special Awards (New for 2022)

Every image entered into the main categories automatically qualifies for all of the below awards which are set up to ensure that a wide variety of sub-genres of landscape photography are recognised by the competition. You do not need to enter these awards specifically. Prize: $500 and a 1-year membership to NPN for each Award.




From small local hills to grand Himalayan peaks.

Mountain Award: $500.

Mountain Photo Award

Mountains by Trym Ivar Bergsmo


Coastal landscapes incorporating the coast and the ocean.

Seascapes Award: $500.

Seascapes Award

Seascapes by Blake Simpson

Rivers, Lakes, and Waterfalls

Freshwater in all its forms.

Rivers, Lakes, and Waterfalls Award: $500.

Rivers, lakes, and waterfalls photographs

Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls by Carr Ward

Trees, Forest, and Woodland

From single twisted trees to vast rainforests.

Trees, Forest, and Woodland Award: $500.

Trees, Forest, and Woodland Photograph

Trees, Forest and Woodland by Adam Burton


Arid and inhospitable landscapes from the Sahara to the Mongolian Steppe.

Deserts Award: $500.

Deserts Photo

Deserts by J Fritz Rumpf

Frozen Worlds

Images showcasing frost, snow, and ice.

Frozen Worlds Award: $500.

Frozen Worlds Photo Award

Frozen Worlds by Maurizio Biancarelli


Images of the landscape captured between dusk and dawn.

Nightscape Award: $500.

Nightscape Photograph

Nightscape by Abe Blair


Images depicting man’s influence on nature, both positive and negative.

Environmental Award: $500.

Environmental Photo Award

Environmental by Matt Palmer


Images captured from planes, helicopters, drones, kites, hot air balloons, blimps, rockets, satellites and large birds.

Aerial Award: $500.

Aerial Award

Aerial by Renato O’Leary

Thank you to our Sponsors


FLM Tripod Prize Pool

FLM Tripods has provided us with five amazing tripods which will be distributed to award winners.

The Photographer of the Year will have first choice, the winner of the Project of the Year will have second choice, and then the main category award winners will have a choice to receive one of the three remaining tripods, based on their preferences and our discretion. The prize pool is comprised of these five great tripods:


FLM began in 1994 as a small family business focused on metrology and supplying ball heads for industrial and scientific applications. The original owners gradually developed what are today’s FLM ball heads, and early versions of FLM tripods.

Throughout its history, FLM has always been about quality and precision, using the best materials and offering unparalled value. None of that has changed, as FLM’s new Series II tripods are being recognized as among the best in the world.