Dates and Info

Below you will find our key dates as well as our submission requirements should you be interested in entering the competition!

Key Dates

Here are our Key Dates for the 2022 competition.

1 June – Competition opened for entries.

31 August – Entries close at 11:59 PM UTC+12

21 Sept – 10th October (TBC) – RAW file submission for final judging stage.

NB – if you have not had a request for RAWs this does not mean you are unsuccessful. We may request some RAWs after final judging.

15 Nov – Winners announced!


Entries are at the following rates. Prices given in GBP and Euros are estimates for the convenience of some of our core demographics. We will accept almost any international currency, having entries from around the world is very important to us!

Main Competition

  • $15 for 1 image
  • $40 for 6 images
  • $60 for 12 images
  • $100 for 18 images

Project Category

  • $30 each entry for 6-10 images

Main Competition

  • £13 for 1 image
  • £35 for 6 images
  • £52 for 12 images
  • £87 for 18 images

Project Category

  • £26 each entry for 6-10 images


Main Competition

  • €15 for 1 image
  • €40 for 6 images
  • €60 for 12 images
  • €100 for 18 images

Project Category

  • €30 each entry for 6-10 images


We can accept other international currencies through our payment system (Stripe).

* A project entry allows a submission of 6-10 images together as a set. This is a standalone portion of the competition and does not qualify for Photographer of the Year or any individual categories. You may submit image(s) from a project to the main competition as separate entries which incurs the normal fee for those entries.

Submission Requirements

  • Entries may be shot on digital or film
  • Film images must be submitted digitally
  • Entries must have been taken in the last 5 years (i.e. after 1st January 2017).
  • AdobeRGB or sRGB colorspace.
  • 3000px minimum on the long edge, 4000px recommended (see here for PS and here for Lightroom).
  • JPEG files only, max file size 8MB
  • No borders or watermarks.
  • Entries must be wholly the original work of the entrant and under their sole ownership.
  • New for 2022: Entries for the main competition must have been captured in the past 5 years or less (1/1/17). Next year this will drop to 4 years, and the year after it will go to 3 years. We have extended it this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. There is no time limit on images captured for the Project submissions.
  • As we are aligned with the Nature First Principles, the entry or entries have been captured in accordance with local laws and National Park rules. This includes permits, licenses and permissions (including drone laws).
  • RAW files must be available for verification in later stages of the competition.
  • In the rare case that your RAW files are unavailable or you did not capture the image in RAW format, and your images reach the final stages, then we will ask for additional images from the shoot as an additional form of proof.
  • Photographers submitting film images will be contacted later about verification.

Project Submission Requirements

Projects should be submitted together as a collection of between 6 and 10 images. There is a separate section of the submission form for this process.

  • Each individual image that forms part of the project should follow the individual image submission requirements above.
  • Photos should be submitted with filename numbering in the order you wish them to appear (if this matters).
  • You should also submit an accompanying description with your images. This description is entirely up to you and can consist of just a few words or be up to 200 words long. It should be written for a non-photography literate viewer.

Categories and Prizes

After a very successful first year, we have increased our prize pool to $17,500 for 2022 and have added nine new thematic awards that all non-project entries are automatically entered to win. We have provided more context and definition for our three main categories, which are: Grand Scenic; Intimate Landscapes; and, Abstracts or Details. We have also increased the prize pool for the Project of the Year from $1,000 to $2,000. Learn more about our categories and prizes or find examples and inspiration to get you started.